Best Life Partner for Women

A best life partner for women could be anyone say your husband, boyfriend, friend, family, animal anything which is very close to your heart. In my thoughts, a best life partner can be “you”. I feel so, because I have seen so many people around me who are very happy in their life with some other or even alone also and some are happy, joyed and on the other hand some are stressed, depressed. If I talk about a relationship and its very common that conflicts arises, and somehow we tackle it by a good conversation and resolving the whole matter fruitfully, that’s the scene we see specifically and most of us we do and on the other hand some people goes to an another phase called depression or having thoughts of fear of alone, where no one is with them and they felt so lost completely or a feeling alone and its very common. But they somehow forget that it’s the end. But no, many of us goes to these phases, and fight and reborn as new as before.

life partner Definition

A person who is living with you for all this needs is know as life partner. Loving relationships are those when both the partners feel like they are personally involved in the relationship. They don’t have isolated qualities, because it will lead to an unhealthy relationship.

Best Life Partner for Women

Always being thankful for all that what you possess right now because time never came back for you. So always being grateful. I said that, the best partner in a life is YOU, because you are the only one with whom you can share your thoughts or views everything and there is no need for anyone’s company. Here company is your negative thoughts because your thoughts are the keys to every lock. If no one is with you then be happy with your own company.

“Your thoughts are the master of your attitude.”

Live your life now and enjoy what you have because at the end of it you cannot take everything you possess with you.There are some rules I say, to spend a life happily:A life is very beautiful and even more if you are loving your life or living it with full of happiness, peace, togetherness, kindness, love, contribution, meditation. Even I n struggle or difficulties a life can be very beautiful, and at that situation you just need to focus on.This makes you feel fully alive and full focus on inspiration and creating a deeper more connected friendly environment to others and for us also to live in amazingly.

Try to know deep about yourself first

If you are capable to know yourself then you are able to understand each and every word clearly or preciously. To begin this journey called a beautiful journey of living a amazing life, you will need to focus on good, hard look at those things that you are about to denying it for many years and that is under the wrap even without you knowing it. It’s a good chance for the self-discovery or a investigation of you and that will include rediscoveries of your passion, desires, fears, and insecurities.

Think about what beautiful kind of life you think and want for you

If you feel somehow that your life is not beautiful or not as what you want, perhaps it’s a time to think and to ask yourself what’s that thing or stuff you are missing in your whole period. Like what is it, is it fear of failure of rejection or wrong choices?

Always make changes towards living a new life

First there is a need to think or decide what are your desires or choices.Considering all the consequences.Be always ready for assess all the obstacles.Always prefer or make a plan.Take a little and then revise your plan once.Take care of the business your love ones etc.Start a new routine and indulging yourself in work so that you always get focus and inspiring.And most important always keep focus on yourself.Seek help.And the last, Be patient. Because great things always need time to happen. Order to build a beautiful life, love is one of the thing that makes a life worth living. Instead of thinking too much about problems this way, why not living your life with a love being the principle aim.

Practicing forgiveness

Forgiveness is not about letting someone on the hook: its about letting yourself off the hook! Don’t put on the grudges on yourself and always have the heart to forgive.

Start looking from the new perspective

In the troubling time or in struggle its difficult to manage all the things nicely and in those time we are going through a lot of pain but in that situation always have patience, I know its difficult to do or to have it but it’s a good practice to always get a start from the new. Why think so much, if you know that, that situation will happen and u you have no other measures also to handle it precisely. So, its better to be calm having some patience and same a good thought so that only then you are able to handle all the situation more clearly.

Always be ready to cahnge, because change is better, if you accept the change around you and you with that flow then you can easily accept the changes around you. So, always get ready to accept change. Change is better.

Be flexible in thinking

When our thinking is rough, negative, inflexible, I say then there’s a need to give a little space for the changes for improvement. For living a beautiful life, a life itself is beneficial to have a kind of mind that can be open and very flexible. I feel though, because when we are flexible by thoughts then our approach towards life changed automatically and we actually enjoying it and experiencing each and every moment of our life in a pleasant manner.

Live beautiful life to make difference

Life is precious, so appreciate it, for each and every moment, you are lucky because you have your love ones your family, friends, husband and so on.Always have a thankful heart, when you woke up in morning say thanks to god, because for the new start. Spend each moment like an end. That’s it.

Have a plan for a failure

Its not always true that successful people don’t never goes to a phase of failure. In their life also, these failures came but they won’t stop they try again and again until they went to their destination. So, this is the huge difference that distinguishes a successful people and failure one.So, never stop trying and stuck it, never. And never loose hope.For example: my very good friend Shalini was rejected 20times before a editor and finally accepted her idea for the 3- hour workweek.As I told you before, never stop trying, move on and accept change and go with that flow.How can you start to get motivated always:Make a list of everything you want to get over or accomplishing ambition.Then, make a frame of those pictures to make it impossible to get fail.

Don’t let fear to stop you

Sometime, people stop trying and stuck due to their fear. And it’s a wrong practice, because they are not pushing himself to get changed and in turn they are just disturbing their mind in short they are ruining every moment of their life in busy in negative thought, fear, loneliness. And not trying to change means not accepting change. A person who change himself according to time is good and capable to accept each situation.

Never force

Never force yourself in indulging you in that work in which you are not happy or not enjoying. Do what you love, never force yourself in disliked works because in that you are not doing good to you and you are just doing it without any heart so choose what you want and try and that’s not possible that at on one try u grab your goal, you will fail but never stop trying again until you grab it.

Exercise and meditation

Calming your body or mind is a good exercise through this we can keep our-self active and a sharp mind. Take out some time atleasts 30 minutes for you, for relaxing your body, and try to do some mind calming exercise like meditation.

Watch motivational speakers

Whenever we need a quick boost of inspiration, we head over to this opportunity to watch motivational speakers talk.And its helpful, when you are at your lower point, its just helps you to witness us or others happy, to be brimming with joy, to remind us a still feeling of happiness.When you are at your worst point, look up to someone at their fully best and hopefully they will bring you up with them.


A travelling is beat measure for everything, in fact travelling like the places like most for example beach, hill station these kind of places can open up your mind and at that time you started thinking appropriately deeply and its important to take out some time out of busy schedule for you to know your-self deeply and get in touch with the nature itself. Even in Studies also its found that, getting outside in touch with the nature can increases your  sense of enthusiasm and energy.

Phone a friend

Phone a friend option is quite good, through this you are touch with the person or you can share your feelings emotion to other. And its even better to go with the pal which means having someone that makes empathize eye contact at during the very advanced moves, instead of watching everyone else perfectly.

Say no to snoozing

An alarm clock runs around you, when it goes off, then this makes you woke up and chase it to turn it off. Keep your health on the top most priority- “health is wealth”, everyone heard this universal proverb. This doesn’t matter, who you are, from where you are or what you doing etc, keeping yourself healthy is the top priority list. If you are staying healthy, so that you are able to maintain yourself at high level efficient, and on the other hand, if you ignoring or compromising on your health, you will definitely face problems later.

Positive approach

Having a positive approach toward a life itself act as a motivation. As I mentioned earlier always appreciate yourself and others also, and try to ignore or avoid negative around you, focus on positive aspects. Read motivated or inspiring quotes and other watch the talk of motivational speakers, get always touch with the motivated and the person you always encourages you to do more and never let you down. Spend time with yourself and get some little time from your busy schedule. Its true and right to say that no one can be your best friend with whom you can share everything or feelings except your own self. No matter how much your schedule or time is busy, you just try to spare out some time for yourself. Stay calm, talk to yourself, try to say everything to you sometimes its quite difficult to say out to others rather its quite easy to say to yourself and you feel much better and relaxed.

Seek suggestions

It is important to seek advices or suggestions from those with whom you are connected and that can be anyone your family, friend . Try to spend some time with them and share feelings you will feel much better. Live the life to the fullest, enjoy each and every moment like an end. According to me, love yourself first, if you can love yourself then only you are able to spread happiness around you. Life is too short for hate, love everyone, forgive easily.

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