Best Life Partner for Men

What you think about being in relationship? May be you’d like someone to make you laugh, or a person to cook amazing food for you. Everyone thinks that they had an idea about their ideal life partner who can spend his/her whole life with them happily. Choosing a life partner is a very important decision for everyone, this is different from other decisions like choosing for a house or a car. It is a matter of lifetime and everyone should take care lot things which make people compatible to each other. It may be their eating habits or their travel habits. Because when people with opposite habits had a marriage it will became a disaster. But when people with same interests had marriages they end up with a successful and happy marriage.

According to Tom Robbins “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.” Love and trust are very important elements of any relationships, they helps to keep relationship healthy for life long.

life partner Definition

A person who is living with you for all this needs is know as life partner. Loving relationships are those when both the partners feel like they are personally involved in the relationship. They don’t have isolated qualities, because it will lead to an unhealthy relationship.

They should be compatible to each other. The compatibility between people’s features typically save their marriages from having fierce hostile fights; when the marriage is harmonious, it actively promotes their individual rise.  Both of them should be mature enough to deal with complexities of life.

Your partner doesn’t realize when they’re being stubborn, or disconnected, or causing you pain… you’ll feel like you’re in a relationship with a brick wall, so self-awareness is counted a very important feature of a women.

Best Life Partner for Men

Being in relationship doesn’t mean that women should dependent upon his husband. A man considers women who never forget who she is and what is her goal in life. Both of them should share everything with each other to make the relationship full of trust. Everyone in this world focuses on the fact that how women see a man as his partner but this time we will discuss how a man sees a woman as his life partner.

What is life partner: A person who is living with you.

1 Crazy Bone

In every relationship both husband and wife need to tackle with so many difficulties. Every man needs a woman who can keep relationship alive in all these difficulties.  She should make sure that she is always there to make his husband smile. Fun loving people can smile in every situation, tears means noting in their life. They also help to create a happy surrounding. So it is very important to have a fun loving wife to prevent becoming a marriage a burden.

2 Love is Important

Love is the only thing which leads two people to get in a marriage. If there is no love there is no relationship and marriage. Looking for an ambitious partner is not a wrong thing, but in making career love can never get lost. Love should always be there even when both of the persons grow old and have wrinkles. Affection is very important symbol to show love. Because nobody knows for how long you’ve been together, it’s important to always remind each other that you love each another. When you stop loving each other or you can you will started loving someone else, then is no point to be in a relationship which is not more than a burden. So it is very important to keep love alive and let the other person feel that you love them a lot and want to love with him for the lifetime.

3 A Good Manager

Men would like to pick a mate who is educated and intelligent along with oriented towards desiring a home and children. They like someone are a good manager. She must be capable of taking care of family along with her career. She should maintain balance between parents or friends or coworkers, they understand the importance of strong relationships with loved ones. She must know how to give time to everyone who is attached to her life, how to make everyone happy and connected. She must also know that how to spent money wisely to avoid extra expenses.

4 Know her Husband

When two people are in relationship they should accept all the weaknesses of each other along with their strength. According to some soul-searching programs you should learn about likes and dislikes of each other and make each other feel like you are always with them in every situation. Acceptance and understanding is very important and rare in this world. If you will accept the person as he is, he will also accept you as you are. And if you try to understand his needs and deeds, he will also try to understand your needs and deeds in life. This will leads to a very healthy relationship far from fights.

5 Find Similarities

 Interests outside of you, or else the two of you will get bored from each other in very less time. According to experts, a partnership works best when people share some common interests. Scientists confirm that opposite doesn’t attract, which is contrary to a popular belief that opposite attracts. We naturally like the company of people who share some common interest with us. With similarities you don’t need to find topics to talk or you can say to understand each other more. But according to a research men and women are already dissimilar and have different perspective to see things. More differences leads to more conflicts.

6 Sexual Attractions

This is a very important thing which keeps two people together in a first place. Mostly males never get serious in a relationship with a female when she is not attracting. One sided passion is not enough for healthy marriage. So, males look for a female who is attracting and beautiful, so that they can make love with passion. So, a healthy sexual life is very important for a healthy married life. If your physical need are

Not getting satisfied then you can never think of being in the marriage anymore. So, couple must found each other attractive to fulfill each other’s physical needs.

7 Forget and Forgive

Love is not all about kissing and having sex, you will have arguments too. So this is very important that women should know the art of forgiveness. She needs to forget all past arguments and mistakes of her husband and look for new future. It is human nature to make mistakes, everyone make mistakes and if they are admitting their mistake then it is very good habit to forgive the person and forget everything which can create negativity to the relationship.

8 Being Honest

Honesty and simplicity are two qualities which everyone must have as an essential part of their personality. A woman should be honest towards her husband, she need to know where to apologies and where to do hard work. Communication is everything in a relationship, so she needs to tell everything o her husband to avoid conflicts in future. So, it is very necessary for couple to avoid communication gaps. Because it can lead them to a pointless or you can say an emotionless marriage.

9 Discuss Future Together

Being and live present is a very good thing but it is also important to discuss about future as well. Women should also take care to secure future for her family. Marriage is not a five year plan; it is a plan for lifetime. So you and your partner need to be able to slot you into their life and include you in their future plans. You must be clear that when to have babies, when to plan a travel trip, when throw a party etc. Because clarity of future plans helps you keep a relationship alive and away from interruptions.

10 Trust them

Sometimes past relationships of a man create a very big problem in marriage. A women should trust her partner if he bump into his ex. Because if you can truly trust them you can hold the relationship very tightly for lifelong. Trust is the only key by which a woman can win her husband heart. And this means they will have a life away from fights, misunderstandings and conflicts. Trust is the only key by which a woman can win her husband heart. And this means they will have a life away from fights, misunderstandings and conflicts. You can also set an example for others if they have trust issues. But if that trust got broken once it will take a lot of time to fix it again or you can never fix it again. So, women should always try to keep trust alive in her marriage and never got it broken.

11 Small Efforts

Small efforts in a relationship help to make it healthy. So a man admire a wife who make efforts to create moments of love by watching the sun rise or eating a delicious piece of pizza with her man because you know you will be with for the rest of your life.  These efforts keep the spark alive in your relationship. These small moments will become stories for your children as well as grand children. When you will grow old you will remember those moments of love in remembrance of a long time of your marriage.

12 Affective arguments

She should be able to have an argument in a very productive way, instead of shouting and getting overly defensive, she should understand the problem and try to solve it. Because when you try to solve the problem instead of panicking, you will find a better solution which will be suitable for everyone. If you have an argument with someone in the family then this is your responsibility to make an argument in a way where no one gets hurt by your words. Because this will create negativity in a good and relationships. And these negativities can never been converted into the positivity’s.According to a research Women get more serious in a relationship as compared to men if they are treated well by her husband. And women get attracted to a man who share common interests and hobbies with him. So, that they can understand each other deeply and easily.

Above are very common qualities which every man expects to have in her wife. She should be caring as well as loving. She should keep balance between love and career, children and husband. She must be the owner of calm and cool mind to solve every problem which can make her marriage a disaster. Making plans of dates, trips help to make an example for others as well.

At the end we can say that both men and women have ideas about their ideal husband or ideal wife, but this is also in the hand of both men and women to keep relationship for long life. Trust, acceptance and understanding are the key features of a person which helps him/her to keep a relationship alive. Apart from them forgive and forget are two keys by which a woman can convert every argument or you can say every problem in her favor.

A man always look for wife who understand him and adjust according to him but along with this they also want that their wives will never forget their ambition or goal in life.

So this is very important to choose your partner wisely. This is not a game or a plan for few years. If you will see your life with one person only then above stated qualities helps you to be with your partner for your whole life till death.

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